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Ultimate Tactical & Combat Pvt Ltd

  • UTCPL was established in 2003 and has been in collaboration with Israeli Organization since then. Based in New Delhi, we offer a wide range of professional Tactical courses and trainings which provide the needed skills and knowledge on protection concepts, like the tactical combat, unarmed combat and so on.
  • UTCPL specialists, most of whom had contributed in one way or another to the development of specialized weapons & systems currently in operational use keep abreast of all latest technological trends & state-of-the-art development in Hostage Rescue systems, VIP Protection, Anti-terror warfare & Counter Terror.
  • UTCPL are imparting training to most of the government security agencies like NEPA, Punjab Police, SPG, CISF, Tamil Nadu Police, Kerala Police, CBI as a part of their daily training because it is based on real-life threats and their solutions and it’s a system of unarmed combat and CQB (Close Quarter Battle) for reality based situations, which our soldiers face on day-to –day basis which are easy to learn, apply and adapt with an added advantage of improving body reflex to react faster and better and Tactical driving for close protection. Secondly, it has got no rules and is based on battle-tested tactics and methods.
  • The company's team supported by world known experts with years of international operational experience in the fields of security, law enforcement and counter terrorism. The company specializes in integrative security solutions for critical and national infrastructures, airports, sea ports, mass transportation systems, large international events, and advanced training for special force units, special police units, dignitary protection units and intelligence units.
  • UTCPL added value is the effective proven synergy of best practices, advanced operational concepts that places major emphasis on preventing hostile incidents and deterring potential adversaries, and state of the art sophisticated Technologies.

Military & Defense



Establishment and Training of regular Army units. Establishment and training of Special Infantry Forces



Establishment & training Navy Seals units Establishment & Training special patrol and Coast Guard units.



Establishment and training of Anti-Terror units, Presidential Guard units, Special Task Force and Rescue



Supply of Western or Eastern aircrafts/helicopters – Cargo, fighters training, Intelligence



Establishment & Training of Border Police and Patrol units Border electronic fencing



Ultimate Tactical has the sources to supply various armored vehicles New or from Surplus,


Supply of Western or Eastern aircrafts/helicopters – Cargo, fighters training, Intelligence, air control Training.


Establishment & training Navy Seals units Establishment & Training special patrol and Coast Guard units.


The security of dignitaries, government officials and other VIP’s is a formidable task with serious.