Army Training

  • One of the major assets of Ultimate Tactical is the Instructors and training abilities within the company to conduct any training for any Army Unit.
  • Our instructors are experienced and with past record of many combat missions and numerous training drills.
  • It is the policy of the company to provide training - Technical and Tactical – to any system or equipment supplied to the client and provides the client with all materials of the course and independence to continue and maintain the level reached in our courses.
  • Additional policy of the company is to provide instructors’ courses to the client so the independence and high level achieved in the course will remain for generations after.
  • Ultimate Tactical also has the experience to help the client in establishing training academy and officer’s academy in various army professions and Combat skills. From basic sergeant courses and team commanders to high level commanders of Battalions, regiments, HQs, etc.
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Law Enforcement Training

Ultimate Tactical is a multi-disciplinary intelligence, strategic consulting & training firm recognized as a leading provider of security services to governments, corporations and also to influential private individuals.

The Company specializes in services related to counter-terrorism & crime, specifically those necessary for the protection of national interests & infrastructure; these range from proactive prevention & protection programs, to targeted training for potential attacks by being subversive.

Our ability to plan & deliver tailor-made training programs is a source of pride for Ultimate Tactical LTD. Effectiveness, challenging courses and outstanding instructors are the hallmarks of our training program and we are always ready to compliment advanced counter-terrorism & law enforcement tactics with adapted military training.

Counter terrorism

  • Terrorism Incident Management (TIM)
  • SWAT Counter Suicide Bombers course (CSB)
  • Suicide bombers - Sabotage & Intelligence Course - (SIC)
  • Unconventional Terrorism Weapons – (UTW)


  • SWAT/ATU commanders & leadership course
  • Basic Tactical HRT Course (HRT)
  • Advanced Tactical HRT Course (AHRT)
  • Mechanical Breaching Course (MB)
  • Combat Rappelling Course (RC)
  • Operational Intelligence & Operation Support Course (IOS)

Kay-Nine (K9) Units

  • Canine Explosives Detection course (EDC)
  • Canine counter-terrorism combined course (CTC)
  • Canine suicide bomber detection and tactical mitigation (CSD)
  • Canine Post blast course (CPL)

Correctional facilities

  • Coping with Terror cells & Radicalism in Correction Systems
  • Correctional Intelligence as a management tool.
  • Counter terror /SWAT unit

Security Training

  • The core element of an effective security array – is proper training. Ultimate Tactical therefore views this as the principal purpose of the Academy and prides itself in providing the best and most appropriate security training to answer National, Corporate and Individual needs.
  • With counter terrorism being the imminent issue of our time, the Academy will be established with a clear goal of training professionals that serve on the home fronts and confront the eats of terrorism and crime.
  • The operational study programs provided by the Ultimate Tactical Academy are the result of decades of proven senior Israeli field experience and confronting radical militants on a daily basis. Our training courses cover the full gamut of counter-terrorism, specialist intelligence, close protection and SWAT training. Over the past years our experts have conducted courses in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the United States.
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Security Academy Training

In the last century there is a growth in terror, natural & human disasters. Lesson learned from disasters proves that one of the main problems is the lack of coordination, common language and knowledge.

There is a vast need to improve the preparedness and the capabilities for disasters and emergency situations in countries as soon as possible. Basically. dealing with disasters and emergency events includes 3 phases:

  • Preparedness
  • Dealing with the event
  • Recovery

We advice and organize the country or region or organization to be prepared for the specific risks, scenarios, needs, and gaps that it has to deal with.

Civilian Training

  • Krav Maga is a self defense with very easy and practical techniques. Where ever we took this art Adults, kids, women, girls, police, military, corporate office found KravMaga to be the better form of art to learn and use it on the street & combat. In less time people could learn many techniques and with which could develop confidence. Our students could more different techniques and tactics in less time which no other martial arts would teach them. All techniques are based on realistic situation.
  • It’s a practical and real situation based: Most martial arts are strongly based in ritual, and as a result often incorporate different forms or strange techniques. Krav is different. Krav Maga Techniques are based on real life situation.
  • Moreover, all of the techniques are built upon the body’s natural instincts (e.g. bringing your hands to your neck during a choke defense).
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