Risk Assessment

Effective Risk Management requires a rigorous process of identification, assessment & evaluation of actual & perceived risks, followed by the disciplined process of enabling effective solutions that are best suited to counter such risks. We offer:

  • Research on specific sectors
  • Analysis & assessments
  • Mitigation strategies & planning
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Loss Prevention

  • Many organizations, retailers and companies are coping today with loss created by company workers, clients, suppliers, process failures and managerial errors.
  • This losses only stress the need for professional loss prevention's system and the need to develop integrated technologies that will assist man in his efforts to prevent losses.

Security Consulting

Highly experienced specialists, using a fully integrated security approach, provide security solutions & protective services for cross-border security as well as for critical infrastructure, transportation systems and more:

  • Cross boarder security – to mitigate & manage international terrorist & criminal risk
  • Infrastructure – security surveys & assessments for infrastructure & critical assets
  • Transportation – security for aviation, maritime & the range of public transport systems
  • Corporate security – for infrastructure, assets and for key executives & personnel
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Crisis Management

In the last century there is a growth in terror, natural & human disasters. Lesson learned from disasters proves that one of the main problems is the lack of coordination, common language and knowledge.

There is a vast need to improve the preparedness and the capabilities for disasters and emergency situations in countries as soon as possible. Basically. dealing with disasters and emergency events includes 3 phases:

  • Preparedness
  • Dealing with the event
  • Recovery

We advice and organize the country or region or organization to be prepared for the specific risks, scenarios, needs, and gaps that it has to deal with.